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Mendes Gonçalves's image and website renewed!


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Novo Site Mendes Gonçalves

Mendes Gonçalves' image renewed!

Mendes Gonçalves is company that is known for its dynamism, joviality, unity, proximity, sense of modernity and... the fact that they produce sheer delicious seasonings! The truth is, the old Mendes Gonçalves' image was not up-to-date with the modern values of the company, hence the need for changes.


Along with the new image, Mendes Gonçalves also presents a new and renovated website. More modern, more direct, more complete, easier to navigate and much bigger!


Find what you are looking for in just a few seconds! 

On the new Mendes Gonçalves website it is much easier to find what you are looking for: just type the name of the product you want and click the magnifier on the menu. You can also try the several shortcuts available. In the menu section you preview the different series and products and click them individually to obtain more information. Try it and gives us your feedback! 

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