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The most innovative product!



Mendes Gonçalves' fig's vinegar in spray was the most innovative product of the portuguese market in 2011!


Who classified it were the portuguese distribution chains themselves.


The most inovative and sucessfull product in the market - that was the choice criteria that, in SIAL D'OR award cathegory, lead to this important distinction of fig's vinegar in spray.


sial paris 2012


The prize was officialy delivered last monday at SIAL PARIS - one of the biggest food exhibition in the world that gathers more that 6000 companies from all different five continents.

Never the less, fig's vinegar in spray it self was, during all exhibition, exposed along with all the other inovative and successfull winning products of the world.
Quite  a revealing stand out for Mendes Gonçalves that has benefitiated with a lot of visitors to it's stand as they wanted to congratulate the company for the award. (located along Portugal Foods 's stand complex)


With this award, Mendes Gonçalves has well represented once again the inovation flag, reinforcing it' s mission of adding value both to vinegar and to it's national production.



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