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Fig Vinegar (Spray Bottle)



Fig Vinegar is one of Mendes Gonçalves' crown jewels. Why? Because we are proud of using locally produced figs (it is the typical fruit of the Torres Novas region).

The process of producing vinegar is simple and natural. The main difference between the traditional and the industrial way of producing vinegar is in the speed of the acetification process (when the wine turns sour) - the traditional way is quite slower, which makes it one of the most natural products of the world.  



Spray your salad!


Now you can spray the amount of vinegar you want with precision thanks to this great-looking and easy-to-use bottle! A brand new product with 11 different flavours that allow you to opt for variety in your dishes or leave it to your friends and family to choose the one they want as soon as they get to the table.


noticiasManuel Luis Goucha, Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, João Baião and Julia Pinheiro all loved the idea. What about you?




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